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Overview Of The Apple Event Held On The 10th Of November 2020 - Youtube Live Stream​

Apple held 3 major live events all of which were done between September 2020 and November 2020. This articles covers announcements, product updates and new product releases that were talked about in the Apple Event live streamed on the 10th of November 2020 on Youtube. The last two Apple Live events covered the release of the latest version of the MacOS, MacOS Big Sur, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch series 6, the new fitness experience with Apple fitness plus, the new way of signing up for Apple services with Apple One, the new 8th generation iPad and iPad Air, the all new homepod mini, as well iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini. This overview covers the third apple event which was more of an announcement and introduction of new features and functionalities on the new Apple Mac product line up.


1) Introduction and overview of the new Apple Mac M1 chip.
2) MacOS Big Sur for the all new M1 chip.

Introduction. (The All New Apple Mac M1 Chip)

1) According to John Ternus, VP of hardware engineering at Apple, for the past several years , Apple has been in the process of building and developing a family of apple silicon chips that are specifically designed and optimized for apple products. The goal of apple is to have their entire product portfolio of apple devices to run on apple silicon chips and this would be done on a transitional bases. The first step in this transition process is the all new power efficient apple M1 chip which was designed and optimized for popular low power Mac systems and apple announced that it would be used on all new Apple Mac devices.

The new Mac M1 chip dubbed as a breakthrough chip for the Mac, was designed with industry leading perfomance and features while relentlessly focusing on power efficiency. The M1 chip has one of the best perfomance per watt ratings and is the first ever system on chip (SoC) for the Mac. Before the M1 chip, a Mac computer needed multiple chips such as the main processor, the I/O chip, the Apple T2 chip for on device security, the DDR4 memory chip, the thunderbolt controller and more but with the new M1 chip all these technologies are combined into a single unified System on Chip (SoC).

According to Johny Srouji, SVP of Hardware Technologies at Apple, the M1 chip features the apple unified memory architecture (UMA). M1 unifies its high bandwidth, low latency memory into  single pool in a custom package. As a result all of the technologies within the M1 SoC can access the same data without copying it between multiple pools of memory. This drastically improves the overall perfomance and efficiency of an apple device with an M1 SoC.

Apple also stated that the M1 SoC is the first personal computer chip built using the industry leading 5 nanometer process technology with up to 16 billion atomic scale transistors and it is also designed  with two types of cores, the high perfomance cores and the high efficiency cores.

Unlike most PC’s that require an additional/external high perfomance graphics card,  the M1 chip is designed come an integrated high perfomance 8 core graphics processing chip capable of upto 25 thousand threads per second. To top it off, the M1 chip also has a 16 core neural engine will the capability of processing 11 trillion operations per second, machine learning accelerators and more.


MacOS Big Sur For The M1 Chip.

2) MacOS has always been developed and designed for third party chip manufactures such as INTEL however with the introduction of Apple’s very own M1 chip, for the first time Apple’s been able to design MacOS for their very own silicon chipset and MacOS BigSur is the first version that was built and designed for the M1 chip.

The M1 chip makes it possible for MacOS BigSur to deliver incredible perfomance improvements. Infact MacOS now instantly wakes up just like the iPad and the iPhone.